More Streetlight Problems

Crews have found 45 total light pole problems around the city, each of which were emitting a dangerously high 50+ volts.  Crews have repaired poles if it could be done on the spot, and have de-engergized or turned off those that have not yet been repaired.  The ongoing inspection, stemming from a Queen Anne dog’s death, will include examining 20,000 streetlights and 10,000 metal plates for electrical energy.  Seattle City Light and two other companies will conduct the process and an estimated completion is March of this year.  So far, the city has tallied upwards of $300,000 in related expenses.  Problems throughout Seattle have been found in West Seattle and Capitol Hill as well.   If you notice a suspicious pole or plate, please report it.

West Seattle Has More Problems

Nearly 20,000 streetlights are being inspected after a number of recent problems popping up all around the city, and four new problems have been found in West Seattle as of Monday, January 3rd. Other problems have occurred in Capitol Hill and another in Queen Anne, which killed a family pet.  The Queen Anne incident spurred the investigation, and West Seattle has seen problems before.  Crews, who have been looking for anything emitting voltage over 30 volts, check the poles and metal plates around the lights.   Dangerous voltage levels have been found at three poles in West Seattle and one in the international district.  Although no one was hurt, this brings the number of related problems to 12.   The inspection, performed by Seattle City Light Crews and employees from two other companies, Davey Resources Group and Power Resources Corp, expect the project ( nearly 20% complete) to be finished in March of this year.   

The latest problems were found at

  • 56th Ave S.W. and S.W. Bradford
  • Fauntleroy Way S.W. and S.W. Edmunds
  • Marine View Dr. S.W. and 42nd Ave. S.W.
  • 12th Ave. S. and S. Jackson Street. 

Seattle City Light Update

Seattle City Light, now under pressure to test city street lights for potential problems, has hired two companies to help them finish the project.  Seattle City Light plans on checking nearly 20,000 poles across the city as over 6 problems have been found, stemming from the tragic electrocution of a Queen Anne family’s pet on Thanksgiving Day.  To date, Seattle City Light and employees from the other two companies (Davey Resources Group and Power Resources Corp.) have tested 600 poles .  They expect to finish testing by March of 2011.