Water Taxi To Have Extended Service

Good news taxi riders.  The West Seattle Water Taxi, Rachel Marie, will have an extended schedule beginning Monday the 28th.  Rachel Marie, who needed servicing from a September accident,  started running again in January.  The servicing did her well, as the Marine Division determined she has the capability to run more throughout the day.  The taxi will now have departures on the quarter-hour, which means an extra round-trip in the morning, and an extra two in the afternoon.  The taxi runs from Seacrest Dock to Pier 50 across Elliot bay, helping to decrease traffic congestion as an alternate way to get downtown from West Seattle.   Find out more information on the new schedule by visiting the official website.

Rachel Marie Water Taxi

Rachel Marie, a vessel of King County Water Taxi servicing West Seattle, is now back in the action as of Monday, January 11th.  Rachel was out of commission after a Sept. 26th accident when she hit the Washington Street Boat Landing on the Downtown waterfront and needed a variety of structural and electronic repairs.  Rachel, who taxis between West Seattle and Downtown Seattle from Pier 50, underwent a number of sea trials to ensure the vessel is safe to operate once again.  Water taxis run Monday-Friday, beginning at 6:30 a.m.  For more information, please visit the official website.  Happy riding!