Neighborhood Schools

West Seattle High School

Most of the Public Schools in the West Seattle neighborhood are in the Seattle School district, the largest K-12 district in Washington State. The district is focused on improving academic achievement, and ensuring all students are prepared to excel.

Below is a list of Public and Private schools in the area, as well as links to find more information. Please find a map of these West Seattle Schools here.

Seattle Private Schools in the West Seattle Neighborhood

Holy Rosary School



Holy Rosary School in 1922

West Seattle’s oldest Private Catholic School since 1913, Holy Rosary has been schooling  K-8th grade children in traditional academics and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Seattle Lutheran High School

Private local Lutheran High School dedicated to empowering students and one of the first choices in the neighborhood for college preparatory education since 1978.

Hope Lutheran School



Private Christian K-8 School with an average student to teacher ratio of 16:1, Hope Lutheran is accredited through the National Lutheran School Accreditation and Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

Seattle Public Schools

West Seattle High School


Student Statistics

West Seattle High School was founded in 1902, and has a strong ALUMNI Association, PTSA groups, and last year over 40 colleges and universities were accepting their graduating class.

Lafayette Elementary School


Local West Seattle Elementary School right on California Ave.

Madison Middle School

6-8 Grade


Tilden K-5 School

For more information on Public School in the area, visit the Seattle Public Schools website.



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