In The Dark About Seattle City Light?-Here’s an Update.

After a dog in Queen Anne was tragically killed in an electrocution accident on Thanksgiving (see the blog about it here), the city and its residents have been paying more attention to the light poles around them.  Monday, a West Seattle woman reported a pole with exposed wires in the neighborhood.  The incident was called in by a High Point resident about a malfunctioning light.  Upon investigation, the wires were found in the lamp’s head.  The second incident prompted Seattle City Light to check 170 streetlights in High Point for potential problems.  Superintendent Jorge Carassco briefed the media on the plans to check 20,000 poles and 10,000 light vault covers for safety hazards and voltage between now and May 1st.  Seattle residents are encouraged to report any concerns regarding light poles by calling 206-684-7056.  Crews will recognize problems requiring immediate attention.